a time and place for freedom

PAP MANIFESTO 1954 Quote: Freedom First However we cannot change the economic structure until we have freedom of political action. Such freedom can be achieved only through an organised mass movement. Independence will not be conferred on the Malayan nation as a gift. It will only be ours when we are organised and united in our fight for independence. What do they mean ? Was it only ideally valid for that era ? Why they seek freedom when it was deprieved of them at that time, and now deprived us when we seek now ! What freedom are we talking about ? Is it not like a freedom fighter after winning change Principle & Belief ! The above was posted by Grunt in redbeanforum and below is my reply to the post. Can I attempt to answer for the change in the manifesto? And if I am wrong, please take it as my biased interpretation. During the fight for freedom from colonial rule, freedom to express, to demonstrate, to fight against the colonialists is paramount. Without the freedom to fight for our own right, then there is no way to achieve independence. Now that independence is achieved, the priorities are bread and butter and nation building. It is unhealthy for the people to have too much freedom to challenge the govt. And the govt is a good govt that is working for the best interest of the nation and people. And the people know that too. So freedom is no longer important. And this is vindicated by the continuous support for the govt despite more and more restrictions over the years on freedom to express or demonstrate. The govt is reading the people correctly. The people is all behind the govt and know that the govt is doing a good job. And they elected the govt to let the govt rule them in the best way the govt thinks fit. The people are happy and not complaining. In this coming election the people will again elect the same govt with a stronger mandate to tell the govt that it can do whatever it thinks is good for the people. Singaporeans will always have the govt of their choice. And this is what Singaporeans want. Only a small group of dissidents think otherwise. Now did I make myself clear? Or are my reasoning reasonable? All the empirical proofs are there. Otherwise the ruling party would have been voted out of office long ago.

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