Thai mob dictating to their king

The mob democracy in Thailand is just going too far and is irritating the powers and even the King. They have abused the power of democracy to throw out a popularly elected prime minister. And now they are demanding his exile from Thailand, to ensure that he has no more influence on Thai politics. Is this too much to ask for? To force a Thai citizen out of Thailand? And now they are even telling their revered king what to do. This is how power corrupts and got crazy in the heads of crazy people. They did not know how much damages they have done to the Thai economy, Thai tourism and trade and investment. And the military is losing its patience on a mob that has gone crazy with power. Would they demand the removal of the king if the king turns down their request to appoint an undemocratically elected prime minister?


Anonymous said...

The Thai protests were/are largely orderly so it is wrong to label it as mob rule. Why not call them democracy-fighters?


Interesting that "mob-rule" is a term used by the ST... another perception-shaping strategy.

But I do agree, that now that Taksin has stepped down, the protests should end.

redbean said...

it is true that the term mob rule is an attempt to shape people's perception of the protestors. But to call them democracy fighters may not be too appropriate as they are actually a minority usurping the will of the silent majority to throw out a legally elected prime ministry and then refused to go to the polls to seek the people's mandate.

to attain the image of democracy fighter, they should fight the election and win the support of the majority of the people.

now the thai military is getting edgy and wants a little action to kick the butts of these protestors.

maybe the king is also feeling edgy when the voice of lawlessness gets too loud.