strategy of convenience

For the sake of logistic convenience, the opposition alliance has concentrated their effort to battle in the north east sector. Superficially this looks clever and convenient. But strategically it is a very simplistic approach to a serious battle like a general election. They have missed taking on the weaker GRCs in the process and instead taken on more formidable opponents in East Coast and even Aljunid and left a few weaker GRCs in the west completely untouched. This may prove very costly as this election could be a watershed and provides a golden opportunity for the opposition to make a dent. But this strategy of convenience may allow this chance to slip away.


Elfred said...

That just shows how wise and wide the oppositions' bird's eyeviews are of the political landscape.

redbean said...

you should have volunteered your expertise instead of quarrelling with goh mengseng.

hey elfred, i thought i told you to stand for election? better than looking for a $2k job. and you can still do it part time. and by then you can look for a $20k job with your new credential.

Elfred said...

Hahahaha... If I stand for election my side will win. I am... kinda the type who can 'sway' people into emotional outburst, especially during voting time.

Have you seen a bus of cheers over my talk cock? Hehehe... That's me.

Now is not the time lah...

My expertise developed through many dog years ain't anyohow to just use.

Besides, I don't work with man with such obvious character issues. I have listed many times, I shan't repeat again. :D

BTW, I heard that there is an intention to sue Goh MS over certain 'allegation' he said recently on Media. The show is getting more interesting. :D

redbean said...

first world politics is like that. no violence on the street but civilise court battles with a lot of money to spend.