smart singaporeans or law abiding singaporeans?

During the last few days there were a lot of visitors to this blog and redbeanforum. But postings were negligible. Today is the third day after the announcement of polling day. I remember that on the third day he shall rise. I waited in vain. Are Singaporeans smart or just law abiding? The Elections Act prohibits campaigning in the internet, blogs or forums, unless registered. So when Singaporeans avoided commenting in the internet, is it an act of obedience, law abiding, or is it an act of fear? I think if you ask anyone of them, they will definitely said that it is not an act of fear but just being smart. And when the law says no, just comply loh. As a typical Singaporean, I too shall behave like another Singaporean. Be law abiding and abstain from commenting on the political issues and events till polling is over. This blog shall be another example of a good and smart Singaporean. It will just discuss non politically related issues for the next couple of weeks. I am wondering if there are issues that are not politically related. Maybe I shall talk about my dreams. That should be safe enough, I think.


abao said...

As our Minister Mentor said, politics is about your life. Thus, broadly speaking, there is nothing that "we" can talk of, and they had a law that can get us into trouble...

Sorry for not posting these few days. School this semester has many whole day schedules, and when i reached home I don't have the mood to post. u_u

redbean said...

hi abao,

so you are in the noble profession of educating our young. good for you.

politics is actually everything. but to be specific it is about the govt and the people. and to be more specific as to what we should not do, it is about the general election. and to be doubly specific, it is about campaigning and taking sides.

anyway, i shall try to talk about things that are not so related to the contest and siam a bit : )

abao said...

redbean said: "so you are in the noble profession of educating our young. good for you."

Erm, I think you misunderstood my post... -_- I'm not as old as you think, though I'm certainly much more negative than most people of my age.

At my age, most people would be studying, playing Warcraft III or earning money from part-time jobs, instead of politics or current affairs. ^_^

redbean said...

you are very mature for your age. and a very sensible young man.

Socaps said...

I do not think there are any issues not politically related. For the next two weeks, it is better to remind ourselves that silence is golden lest may we unwittingly stray beyond the OB marker and get into trouble. You may enjoy this light hearted story 'Believe It or Not' at GENINFOREADER shemowito.blogspot.com

redbean said...

talking about heaven should be no problem i think. god is above politics : )

i know you don't agree. god is very political too.

maybe we shall talk about zippers!