singaporeans no need to worry about high medical cost

Khaw Boon Wan said Singaporeans should not be unduly worried about medical cost as long as they have medisave and medishield. So for those who did not have any of these, they better be worried. And for those who have, he said that as long as they are prudent in the choice of wards, they should be ok. Now, is there a change in the govt's position on this? In the past we have heard that only the poor can choose lower class wards. For those who can afford to pay more and want to be prudent, they will not be allowed to. There will be a means test to make sure that those who have money in their medisave will have to pay for more expensive wards. I really hope that there is real change. Otherwise it does not make any difference. Anyone can be hit by a chronic life threatening disease and it could empty all his savings in the medisave at one go. It is thus prudent for people to choose a ward that will not cost them a bomb even if they can afford it. It is unacceptable, knowing that medical cost can be very expensive to force people to go for more expensive wards just because they have some money to pay. We will see whether the manifesto is only an election gimmick or the PAP really has changed its position on this issue. There are only two ways for people to feel a bit more at ease. One is to see a reduction in medical cost. And second for the people to choose and determine whether they should go to C wards. If this is not available, then the manifesto rings quite hollow.

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