Singaporeans are stupid. Says Li Ao

This is what the fame Li Ao of Taiwan, or of China, depending on which side of the bed he woke up from said. And the report in the Straits Times also said that the law abiding Singaporeans have always been seen as gullible in Greater China. Now, how come Singaporeans got this kind of image? Let me think seriously about this. Li Ao also said so. He recommends all Singaporeans to think also. Now he is asking too much, asking Singaporeans to think. Li Ao said, 'If even a clever man like Li Ao has this impression - and he has no enemies in Singapore - think : Why doe he have this impression?' For those Singaporeans who find thinking a tedious process, take a break. I will try to think a little. For once, Singaporeans think or do not think, that the money in their CPF account is their money. And the Government rightly believe so and so decided to take good care of the money for the stupid Singaporeans. Ah, good reason. Another reason, Singaporeans sincerely believe that all the half baked foreigners are talents or more talented than them. And this is a fact. Oh my God. But how did the Chinese know this? Obviously they did not know what is happening inside Singapore. They must have dealings with Singaporeans to know that the gullible Singaporeans are all law abiding even in China when no one obeys the law, or very few do. They must have met many law abiding Singaporeans in Suzhou. But Li Ao is in Taiwan. How could he have such an impression that Singaporeans are stupid? Now what did Singaporeans do in Taiwan? Now Singaporeans, before you behave stupidly again, please huh, this is meant to be a joke. Seriously. Now I must emphasise this again to make sure Singaporeans get the message, that this is really a joke.

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