Singaporeans are so smart

One day Li Ao said Singaporeans are stupid and another day he said they are smart. In my view Singaporeans are the smartest cocks around. They know when to stay out of trouble when they smell one. Low Thia Khiang is asking for NKF case to be delayed to avoid trouble. And when I scan around the various forums, there is this unfamiliar quietness. Singaporeans are smart to the extend of being kiasu and kiasi. They know that there is an Elections Act that can be used against them. The best way is to stay far far away. But then again, they are so stupid. Just because of an Elections Act, they gagged themselves. They did not want to know anything more, whether what they say or do will contravene the Act. And worst, what the Act forbids is simply no campaigning like a political party, not no talking. Just like Hsien Loong telling the oppositions, they can talk about the NKF but not on things specifically about the charges. In an election, the political parties are selling themselves to the people. And the people must ask questions, talk about it and then make a considered decision to vote. If the people cannot talk about election issues, how then are they going to vote? Just by a one way process of listening? And this time the authorities have been quite explicit about people discussing election issues in the internet. They have made it known that they will use the light touch. And Boon Yang is also on record to say that when a blog or forum needs to register, a letter will be sent to them. See, the govt has given the people so many leeways to do things and still be on the right side of the law. But many smart and stupid Singaporeans will just disappear to no man's land. Not saying or doing anything is the safest thing to do in a situation like this : )

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