scoring political points

After the relentless attack on Gomez, he came out and apologised. But that was not to be the end of the episode. In Low Thia Khiang's view it was an honest mistake. In the eyes of the PAP, it is not only a Gomez issue. It is about the credibility of WP, about transparency, about the quality of all WP candidates. This is the same kind of reasoning that people will use in politiking. Once a mistake is made, when there is doubt on one of its members, then the whole organisation will be questioned. It is lucky that Durai is not a PAP member or candidate. Or he and PAP will be grilled like how Gomez and WP are being grilled. Scoring political points!


Anonymous said...

Hmm I wonder why the election department's CCTV works and can even record, when the SMRT's doesn't.

redbean said...

this is really unusual. it defies the conventional wisdom that civil servants are ineffective and inefficient and that the only way to make them efficient is to privatise them.

i believe the election department is not privatised but smrt is.

Anonymous said...

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