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scoring on the gomez slip

The PAP is not going to let this blunder get away without scoring political points. And they delivered some heavy blows last night, hitting at the incompetence and the non admittance of an error as an attempt to distort a mistake. This is what WP is going to pay for dearly. Sylvia Lim is perhaps the strongest of all the oppositon candidates. Probably much stronger than Low Thia Khiang and Chaim. But her GRC team is now a three legged horse. Even before the first round is over her team is already limping around. What a shame to lose a fight this way.


Anonymous said...

The Gomez slip will not make any difference in my voitng for the WP in the coming GE.

Elfred said...

Minister Yeo has made a wrong move picking and mocking too much on Gomez's slip.

After all, this is politics, not MNC office. So such admin issue is really quite petty when the nature of politics handle more critical and bigger issues which hence demand concentration on other qualities.

If the entire cabinet can overlook Durai and go to the point of fending his NKF, what is one Gomez overlooking a rather harmless piece of paper?

But by not following up well, Gomez has indeed done wrong. A character issue hence arise for both Gomez and Mr G Yeo.

redbean said...

elfred, who is durai?

Elfred said...

Durai Pattani?
Maybe he sells Durian in Geylang...