round 23:can this blog continue to post during election?

podcasting not allowed.. bloggers can discuss politics, but must register with the media department authority if they persistently promote political view.. now that would cover everything under the sky.. what are political views? it can mean anything, from a mp taking lunch at a food court to how many times a mp goes to the toilet. and do people in kopitiams talking politics also need to register with mda? so much for more freedom of expression.. why are singaporeans not allow to talk about singapore politics? this is our life, our country.. barring foreigners from interferring with our politics maybe acceptable.. but to gag singaporeans on talking politics is unacceptable.. oh, singaporeans have been blamed for being apathetic about politics huh? singaporeans not interested about what is happening in singapore? and when singaporeans talk about singapore's affairs, must register with mda? now who is killing singaporeans interest in our national affairs? is this the way to encourage singaporeans to be interested in how the country is being run? come on, the country belongs to singaporeans and concerned singaporeans must be allowed to discuss what is happening to the country and to comment on things that are unacceptable or wrong.. speak out about issues that concerned them.. or all these calls about speaking out are not meant to be taken seriously? how would it be if there is a clean sweep? or maybe all singaporeans should shut up and forget about what is happening to the country.. is that what liberalisation means? what opening up means? are we progressing? or do we want to head the way myanmar is heading?


Anonymous said...

You finally get the full picture - what the PAPies are doing to you and your long-suffering countrymen all these years. Do the right thing - Vote them out! Tell them to walk. No buts.

redbean said...

the electorate have changed. the younger ones are well read and critical and thinking as well.

then there is the internet and forum where reply is instant. the people will respond immediately when they are unhappy or when they think something is not right or someone said something wrong.

it is no longer a one way talking down approach. the people will talk back. and any mistake will be amplified.