resign if failed to turn up for parliament

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) says Rafidah Abdul Aziz should be removed as the international trade and industry minister if she remains stubborn and refuses to attend Parliament on behalf of her ministry. "In the 21 days of sitting, she has only attended Parliament twice - the official opening of the session.. and the tabling of the 9th Malaysia Plan by the prime minister," he added in a statement issued in Parliament last week. A little extract from littlespeck.com Talking about Malaysia should be more interesting. Lim Kit Siang tabling a motion to fire Rafidah for not attending parliament session. That is how serious he viewed this as a duty of all politicians. These are people's representatives and elected by the people to represent them. How can they play truant and spend time on other personal matters or their own businesses? If they think representing the people in parliament is not important, then they better resigned. But Kit Siang probably did not know what is happening or going to happen. Maybe Rafidah has already been given the marching order and there is no point for her to be present anymore.

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