the pap warriors

Someone emailed to me a post which I thought would be useful for the forum. But he was so shy to post it even after I suggested to him. I might as well put it here to encourage him and let him know that his view is quite sensible. What he said is that PAP has two of its best warrior in Sitoh and Eric Low. These two have stood their grounds and not runaway after being defeated in the last election. And they are coming back to fight another day. They could seek the comfort of a GRC and get themselves into parliament in a much easier way than to take on the undaunting task of facing their victorious opponent and risking another defeat. That's a very good fighting spirit coming from the two. This kind of spirit can only be found, so far, from the opposition camp. All 'pah si buay chow' type of politician wannabes. Losing one battle after another and keep coming back asking for more. But actually no opposition candidate has the luxury of Sitoh and Eric. PAP candidate never loses in any election. They may not be the elected MP. But they ended up as the defacto MP wielding more influence and authority, with more funds and people under their charge. And they are actually more effective than elected opposition MPs. This is a big advantage that helps them to go on and stood the ground. The whole party machinery is at their disposal. In the case of opposition MPs, after a defeat, many would have to go back to work to earn a living. And hopefully save enough for the deposit in the next election.


Socaps said...

I rather regard them as sacrificial lambs. I do not think PAP would risk putting up those considered as 'more than MPs' in the 'valley of death' for a second time. If past practice is taken as an indication, Sitoh and Eric will most probably be honored with a 'tumpang' in one of the GRCs in the next GE should they be defeated again.

I think Dr. Seet Ai Mee deserves the honor of a great warrior of PAP as she had the rare privilege of tasting the joy of victory and the anguish of defeat in an election. It is unfortunate that her political career was cut short like a shooting star. I really envy Dr. Seet.

redbean said...

you are right to say that ministerial material will not be wasted or put to too many adventures that they cannot control.

seet ai mee had gone through a lot. recent photos of her, all her hair has turned white. it must be tough on her.

she fought bravely.