orchestrated confusion or genuine confusion

"There is nothing to prevent you from pushing your propaganda, to push your programme out either to the students or with the public at large... and if you can carry the ground, if you are right, you win. That's democracy. We're not preventing anybody" ~ Lee Kuan Yew, 31 January 2005 The above was what LKY challenged a Jamie Han, a student if I can remember, to set up his own website. Why is the MDA taking a position that makes postings in forums a touchy issue? Or is it that when LKY said it, it was meant only for normal off peak seasons only. Not during a general election. So many key people saying so many different things. Is it intentional or random shooting off the hips? Knowing PAP well, everything is planned and every move calculated to bear maximum impact. So what is real, or what to believe?

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