nkf: a little light at the end of the tunnel

At long last some light is coming through the tunnel. A civil lawsuit is in the pipeline for the board of directors of NKF. Just wonder why it takes so long to come to this stage when the neglect to exercise responsibilities is so overwhelming? And to quote the paper, 'the KPMG report had unveiled outrageous excesses of the old Durai administration.' But the public who are expecting justice may be advised to be less enthusiastic of the outcome when you have comments from the legal professions like 'no point' or 'hard for the authorities to pin down criminal wrongdoings based on the KPMG report.' With so much evidence and so much public money being misappropriated, and the case still looks so weak, it is really puzzling. Now, it would be so much easier to sue someone to bankruptcy over a comment that one chooses to interpret whichever way one chooses than this great saga. The law is indeed intriguing for the layman.


Anonymous said...

Even if they're not punished through the legal system, may their ill-gotten gains will bring misery and hardship to them and their families. What goes around comes around. The same can also be said of the people who are milking the people dry through their 'legalised corruption'.

redbean said...

thanks for being so brutally frank.

Anonymous said...

Another wayang show from the ruling party to counter the APs during the forthcoming GE.

Let not place too much hope on the outcome as the light may be switched off once the GE is over.

redbean said...

that could be the intention. nothing said nothing heard and after some time everything forgotten.

not for this case. the wound is too deep and too widespread.