mugshots of opposition candidates

After my last article when I did a few mugshots on some of the interesting PAP members I thought I could do a follow up on the opposition candidates. But I have waited for so long as the motivation to write about them is not there. Not only that there are so few of them, but they are so ordinary to the point of boring. If they were to act like some smart alecs maybe I can tickle them a little. Or if they come out and flash a whole string of academic excellence maybe I can praise them a little. I need some material to write about them. But let me try and start with Desmond Lim. I have seen him on tv almost every night as if media corp is trying to market him as the next best candidate after Steve Chia. I used to comment that Khaw Boon Wan has a serene face of a buddha, so honest and calm. Then I look at this Desmond Lim...I can't believe that people can have such a face. How could someone have such an honest looking face? He is so mild and unpretentious and he speaks so innocently. Every time I see him on tv the only thought that came to my mind is how could such an honest looking fellow got himself involved in politics? Steve Chia is quite a different character. I think he likes law a lot and is trying to learn as much as he can by testing the limits of the law. And despite his wide varieties of interests, he makes sure that he mixes them with the law. After all these exposures he should make a very good lawyer. He is another opposition candidate who is well liked by media corp. Maybe the praises he got from LKY still did not rub off yet. Hmmm, he looks like what a PAP candidate should look like. Clean cut, young and suave. Low Thia Khiang, the Hougang Kia. That everyone knows. And very quick witted too. Immediately after LKY threw him a challenge to lead a GRC he replied that he could team up with Chiam if the boundaries are redrawn, knowing very well that it can't be. A clever challenge met with an equally clever answer. And Chiam. He still walks around like a school teacher. Or maybe a schoolmaster. He is anything, but doesn't look like a lawyer at all. He doesn't appear to be one who can twist and turn his arguments around. The honest Chiam. Dye his hair white and get David Gan to give him a LKY hairdo he will look like LKY's younger brother. Sylvia Lim, a very admirable lady. She did not wait to be invited for tea. She invited herself. Probably if there is going to be a female PM, she is the most likely candidate. Better don't praise her too much or the rest of the female politicians will turn green. Her credential is quite formidable. Someone that I would stay way clear of. LkY was only a lawyer. She is a lawyer and a police officer. So scary. Oh the famous Chee. He is famous fighting the PAP as an opposition candidate and also fighting other opposition candidates. Better leave him alone. He has nothing to lose anymore. He still has his strong supporters from the 30% diehard anti PAP voters. He would need to improve on this number to think of a real chance to win a GRC. Not easy for him to stand alone. Who else? Let me ponder for a while before I add on a few more interesting ones. Just a little distraction from the gruelling election.

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