make it a habit and it will become normal

Anything that we do, if we do it often enough, it becomes a habit, it becomes second nature to us. And by then we would not know what's the difference or how we get to have such habits. Just observe the disorganised and messy desk in an office. It all started clean and tidy. But if left on its own, the messiness becomes natural and acceptable. Look at some of the construction workers in the mrt. After a hard sweating day of work, they will plonk into the train, all sweat and smell. But they would not know that they were smelling. Only the non smelly one will know. A drug addict, after a few more doses and sessions, will not see anything wrong with their habits. So, just get use to it. It also applies to spending habit. If one is earning $1k a month, one soon get use to it and live a $1k lifestyle. One who earns $10k will live a $10k lifestyle. Spending on a $100 lunch is normal. Nothing excessive. Nothing extravagant or sinful. And look at those high flyers in New York with an annual income of $100mil. To them there is nothing wrong. They deserve it. And give them another $100 mil, they will just put in into their pockets. It becomes normal or second habit to pocket that kind of money. When it becomes second habit, how can it be wrong? Nay, it is wrong to earn $1k a month. Never wrong to earn $1 mil a month.

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redbean said...

forget to add. even if one cheats. after a few times it is no longer cheating.