the lynching of the klan has started

The Americans have had enough of the Klan in the White House and Pentagon. The first high priest to go is Rumsfeld. Several retired generals have spoken openly for his removal for causing the fiasco in Iraq. Who's next, Cheney, Bush or Rice? The bleeding of American boys' blood in the barren desert is getting to be too painful. And the saddest thing is that, it was all because of a bluff. American boys dying for a lie, not a national cause. How stupid can the americans be?


Amelia Earhart said...

They are kicking up a huge fuss only because their boys have perished. Do you think they cared that thousands of Iraqis have been desecrated?

redbean said...

hi amelia, that is exactly what is happening.

that is why i don't bother to mention that the iraqis are dying by the hundreds daily. iraqi life is inconsequential.

it is so sad to see so many american boys dying on the desert sand fighting for something which they did not know what.

and the chief of the klan is still saying that he will do it again. and watch out iran, here i come, hooded and in the still of the night.

Amelia Earhart said...

It's sad from all angles.

The thing with military is, they are taught to obey orders, reasoning has no place.

The same can be said of the Nazi soldiers, who kill under the command of bloodthirsty dictator Hitler.

So, want to be good guys and bring so-called salvation to another nation? Why do it by spilling more blood?

The war shouldn't even have happened. And the Americans should put a stop to it in the first place.

But I guess they wouldn't be able to trample over the powers that be.

redbean said...

only the americans can stop the war unilaterally. but looks like it is getting more difficult by the day as the mess can only get worst with their withdrawal.

this will give bush and his klan more reasons to stay put. would there be another nixon to say enough is enough, it is time to get our boys back home to have dinner with mum and dad.

the klan is still trying to live their dream of an empire and to rule the world. when are they going to wake up and face reality?

the only way for them to rule the world is to prepare to nuke every country that opposes them. have they the gumption and moral justification to do so? if not, they can at best start a little fire here and there and send american boys to be roasted.

the klan is criminal.