li ao now said singaporeans are smart

It is reported in Zaobao that Li Ao's new tact on Singaporeans is that Singaporeans are smart. For an entertainer, it is very convenient for him to change his position to gain attention. What's so big deal about an entertainer's word that could make Singaporeans stand up in arms. Quite stupid indeed. Whether one is smart or stupid is not determined by what people said, and it varies according to circumstances too. One can be smart in one thing and stupid in another. Or one can be smart in the eyes of one person but stupid to another. Just look at the election alone, will Singaporeans be smart and elect a party that will look after their well being? Or will Singaporeans vote a party that will mess up their lives? However, whatever decision they make on 6 May, they will not know until things unfold in the following years. A smart or right decision will mean that their lives will be better as a result of their choice. If they screw it up, then only themselves to blame. Then even if Li Ao said they are smart will only be good as a ridicule.

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