li ao asking singaporeans to invite him

Li Ao was reported to have asked Singaporeans to invite him here to explain why he called them stupid. Let's see whether there is any stupid Singaporean who will go ahead and invite him just to do that. Then Li Ao will come here, fully paid for his air tickets, food and lodging and all the publicity, only to confirm that Singaporeans are really stupid.


Socaps said...

We should not waste our precious time on his antics now. In its stead, we should pay more attention to the latest developments on the forthcoming General Election. Perhaps we may cosider inviting him over if we ever have a Royal Court, and he would have the opportunity to entertain the children of the Royalty.

redbean said...

actually he is just an entertainer trying to increase his ratings. it is all done with some humour and should not be taken seriously. all showbiz.

but indeed some singaporeans are reacting too seriously.

the interesting thing now, yes, it is the general election.

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