lets tell the politicians

The political parties are telling the people what they stand for and how they are going to serve the people. It is about time the people tell the politicians what they really want to see and what they want the parties to do for them. And I think telling them what the people want is not meddling with party politics and the general elections. Let the politicians fight their battle for the ballot box. And while they are at it, we can tell them what we really want. I hope forumers can contribute to this thread and the message can get across to the politicians. We are just ordinary people and we want things that will benefit us. We do not support any political parties but just want our interests to be taken of. For a start, the retention of CPF money must be minimal, enough to buy an insurance to cover the remaining years from 55 to 75 perhaps and for an annual claim of not more than 20K. My assumption here is that if one is past 60, and cannot afford more than 20K medical bill, it is more pleasant to let nature do the necessary. And the rest be returned to the rightful owner. And anyone still working, employee or employed, should not be made to contribute to CPF except to top up to cover for the above insurance. Let the senior citizens pampered themselves with their hard earn money over a life time. It gets very ridiculous to keep forcing people to save at the ripe age of 55 and above only to be left with a little fortune when their time is up. And they have no chance to be a little extravagant on themselves. Living a lifetime of hands to mouth existence while a nest egg is wasted in the CPF.


redbean said...

all of you who are reading this, please submit what is good for the people or what the people want the politicians to do for them. in this way the politicians cannot say they don't know and they think what they proposed were what the people need.

i will add one more. freedom of choice to choose the hospital wards the patient wants and not be subject to means testing. the people must have the right to decide how much they want to spend and whether they want to feast on caviar or red bean soup.

redbean said...

just to add on the cpf nestegg and minimum sum. why should a person be forced to set aside more than $100k as minimum sum savings in his cpf?

a person at that age, post retirement, probably needs just enough to keep him going without al the extravagance of holiday trips abroad. those who desire such a life style should save for themselves. the cpf saving is only for basic living expenses just in case.

it also presumes that everyone is the same, jobless, single with no family support and all desiring to live a lifestyle as if they were still rich and healthy.

it is a person's twilight years and things go to slow down. and many have no choice but to slow down as the body does not want to move. everything is soft and weak, dysfunctional.

let people take back all their savings except enough for a small medical insurance. please don't treat people who have live a life time as idiotic children. let these experience and worldly wise senior citizens to look after themselves if they choose to.

provide the option for those who wants the cpf to look after their money. this is choice to the people.