a japanese plea

Kazuo Ogoura, a retired Japanese diplomat, wrote a passionate plea in the Straits Times on why China must support Japan's quest for a seat as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. In his four reasons, he said that it is in the interest of China to support Japan's entry. Not only that his reasons were wishy washy and unconvincing. Not only that the historical records of Japanese militarism was nothing but savagery that it is difficult for China to support Japan, the Japanese could not understand why China will not give them an inch to get into the UNSC. And it is not even the shrine visiting that makes the Chinese to look at Japan with disfavour. It is the deliberate military alliance with the Americans that puts Japan as the most dangerous country to China's security interest. How could China bring a wolf into the UNSC when the wolf has chosen to stay on the side of a bigger bad wolf and would together attack China if needed to? Japan has chosen to be China's number One enemy by choice. It sided with the Americans in practically every issue against China. It also signed a military pact with the Americans to protect Taiwan, an outrageous act that China is tolerating for the moment but will one day be used to kick the Japanese arse. It is the most blatant hostile act by Japan against China. And Japan wants China to support its entry into the UNSC to collude and attack China or undermine China's interest? Even the Americans have great reservation about the risk of a Japanese presence in the UNSC and refused to support it. Then why would China want to support Japan when Japan's number one military ally refused to support her?


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