hu jintao should call off his visit to the usa

The americans are not showing any sign of sincerity to host the visit by Hu Jintao. In fact in every aspect they are trying to tell Hu Jintao that he is second rate and does not deserve the full honour of a head of state. For Hu Jintao to proceed to visit the US is as a good as turning his face to be slapped. He will be an embarrassment to the Chinese people when the host country is showing all the signs to treat him less than what he is. It is better for Hu Jintao to call off the visit and saves the embarrassment not only to him but to his country and people. This visit is now a joke in cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam is still the undisputed superpower. China at best is just a superpower wannabe. So, HJT expect GWB to accord him the same respect as Stalin, Khurschev or Gorbachev ? Like an Ah Beng might say. Wait long-long lah.

redbean said...

i was reading the reports on the backroom haggling over protocol procedures and the americans are trying to downgrade the formalities they accorded to jiang zemin by clinton.

for the americans to do that it shows their intent to belittle hu.

even if the americans are the undisputed power, there is no need for bush to thump down on hu. and there is no need for hu to make the trip under such an atmosphere.

whether china is the number two power or any second rate nation, when the host is showing contempt to the visit why go?

anyway, the treatment is mutual and the formalities accorded will be returned when bush pay a return visit to china.

but if hu is too eager to go with a downgraded protocol, he will receive the first slap. and the second slap will come when bush find some excuse to call off his visit later.

Anonymous said...

Exactly so why is HJT still insisting on the visit despite the apparent thumb down ? He's either got something important he intends to achieve or is just a sucker for punishment.

Anonymous said...

An opportunity comes for Uncle Sam to put a show that USA is still in charge, although they know that unlike Kruschev or Gorbachev, they could cut no ice with china.

redbean said...

i can only hope that hu is not that stupid to travel all the way to washington to be slapped.

if the american did not give him the same treatment as jiang and he still goes, then he is not fit to be the chinese leader.