how stupid can singaporeans be?

I am angry on a Sunday morning. Shit, why should I be angry on a Sunday morning on a topic like stupid Singaporeans? I just read in the papers that David Gan, the famous hair stylist, also received the progress package. And this generous man, with a big heart, is going to donate whatever he gets back to the public coffer. Now, that is a very nice gesture. No, I am not angry with David or his receiving the package. I am angry with stupid Singaporeans who decided to give him the progress package. Andy is a new citizen. He is probably a new citizen for less than 3 years. I welcome him, and many Singaporeans welcome this talented man as one of us. He is a genuine talent in his field, among the best of the best. Not some cheap half baked foreign talents. Now what is my problem? Many foreigners were given the citizenship, and without having to serve national service. And now, just because they are citizens, they are entitled to a share of the nation's wealth immediately, because they are citizens. The national wealth was built over many years by generations of Singaporeans. And if they are to be given to new citizens, at least make sure that they serve national service as well, or be qualified for it after a certain time criteria, to be fair to the rest of the stupid Singaporeans who have to serve national service for 30 years of their lives. This is another way to degrade the meaning of national service and the value of citizenship to a born Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

That's why I always say those of us who are born Singaporeans have been getting the short end of the stick ever since the govt opened the floodgates to the foreigners a decade ago. Better to give up Singapore citizenship, and then come back as a foreign talent. We get better treatment that way.

redbean said...

i dunno if it is intentional. but the policy is indeed like what you said. it encourages singaporeans to quit and come back as foreign talents.

no need to do ns, no ns liabilities, even setting up blogs and forums no need to register and no need to worry about whether one has violated any laws. and still got money to take from the govt.