higher toll at the causeway

it is about time malaysia put a stop to singaporeans going over to pump cheap petrol and buying cheap local products, and enjoying cheaper hospitality and services.. for every trip that a singaporean drives in, he will save at least $20.. and if he goes to the maximum, he could save even $50.. and all at the expense of malaysia. now this is not good.. how can singaporeans go over and take advantage of a cheaper ringgit and lower cost in malaysia? malaysia is right to level the difference. malaysia is now pondering on levelling a $20 ringgit for every car that goes into malaysia, including the thais.. that is the wisest thing they have come up with after all these years.. in fact $20 ringgit is too low.. a reasonable and more equitable sum shall be $50 ringgit per car.. and when the new causeway bridge is up, then it should be $100 ringgit per car.. anyway for those singaporeans who have to go over, they have no choice but to go.. so malaysia must be brave enough to charge what is fair to them.. and singaporeans can afford to pay. and they must increase to $50 ringgit now.. then by the time the bridge is ready, they can add another $50 ringgits.. to increase all to $100 ringgit in one go is too much.. learn from singapore, increase a bit every year.. $50 now, next year $60, then $70, and when the bridge is operational, $100. that's the way to go.. why make your goods and services cheaper than singapore for singaporeans to take advantage of? if malaysia did not charge singaporeans more, than it is an unfair situation and malaysia is on the losing end.


Anonymous said...

Since Malaysia is going to charge 20 Ringgits per Vehicle per entry, Singapore should join in the game and charge Sing $20per entry. More competition better Mah. Just imagine for those thousands of Malaysian Motor Cyclist who work in Singland will needed to ask their employer to top up $20 making employing Singaporean more attractive mah. In the same time more money for Singapore Gov to off-set some of our cost.

redbean said...

actually i will support a similar increase but driving along singapore road is already so expensive with so many erps to pay.

maybe we will have to wait for the full bridge.. then we have a reason to justify a comparable increase..$100 rm plus S$50..oooh, that's a lot of cash to collect.

the poor motorists and motorcyclists..

Matilah_Singapura said...

When govt tries to do something, it always ends up costing more. When govt tries to fix prices and levy imposts, that causes economic dislocations.

You all are forgetting one thing: The Customer Is Sovereign, and as long as he has money to spend, he is always "right".