give pap a clean sweep

Maybe Singaporeans shall all vote for PAP and give PAP a clean sweep. Then ask for lesser control and more freedom to write blogs and forums without having to register. Would not that be a good bargain?


Anonymous said...

You know I seem to feel it in my bones that this time round, they are going to get a clean sweep. I don't think the charm and persona of LTK or CST can match the lure of the upgrading carrot for many voters. Sad but true.

redbean said...

the progress package is a powerful and convincing argument and many who do not really bother will be converted.

I still think low and chiam have managed to build up a good rapport with their supporters. and many singaporeans really see the value of a good opposition as well as the unfairness in the system.

underdogs have their own supporters.

redbean said...

actually the few booboos esp the comments on upgradings may be turned to favour chiam and low.

Anonymous said...

redbean, I would like to think so but Singaporeans are pragmatic people. Add a touch of kiasuism to the mix and it spells recipe of disaster for the opposition. I won't be surprised that Singaporeans wake up the day after Polling Day to an all-PAP Parliament.

redbean said...

that can be a scenario. the surprise factor now is the young voters. this is a unpredictable element unlike their parents who opted for safety. the young can do anything to defy.

the forum with lky and the young people is an eye opener. lky is clearly out of sync with the young. his brand of hardball politics cannot buy him any grounds. you could see the young people feeling very uncomfortable and unconvinced and would have shouted him down if he is not lky.

they just cannot stomach unfair practices. their youth idealism and sense of justice would not accept that things have to be unequal and unjust. they want fair play.

you just never know how they will vote.