ge round 35: the glove is off

Heard over the news last night that Sue is back. And she is after Chee Soon Juan and all the guys in SDP. And the Straits Times has this heading, The Glove is Off. After several weeks of civility and friendly gestures, the heat of an election hustlings is now on. Will it be a case of no holds bar or will composure, maturity and calmness restrain the contenders and allow a more subdue approach to the political contest? Or will it return to the days of fiery speeches? Both sides would want to sway the voters to win. But how far would each party go to push their cause? The straw poll was seriously wrong to say that NKF will not be an issue. It has started the ball rolling as a super heated hot potato. And the opposition has to tread very carefully if they intend to pass it around. Any mishandling will get themselves burnt.

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