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ge round 34: Why is NKF an election issue?

I have nothing against Durai. I do not know him and I try to avoid discussing about him if I can. He is just a straightforward case of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. A case of power getting into his head, and he erred like anyone else. The only difference is that he tripped and he was exposed. Then why is NKF a hot election issue? Isn't it just about some failure in corporate governance of a charitable organisation? The opposition do not see it as such. To them, it is a system failure. They see Durai as part of the establishment. Durai was more or less recommended by the establishment, supported, endorsed and praised by the establishment. He was a role model that was exhibited as a pride of the system. Even when things were starting to go wrong, many from the establishment still came out to support him, to say everything is fine. And if the establishment did not come down hard on Durai, it will give them more bullets to fire. They could use it to bolster their case that he is being protected. That is their trend of thought and election strategy. And it is going to be very effective. It is like taking penalty kicks. All their strikers are lined up and Boon Wan is going to be the goal keeper. We all know what penalty kick is all about. If lucky, the goal keeper may make one or two saves. But most of the kicks will turn into goals. The question is how many goals will get through. Taking spot kicks in front of the goal posts is always a nightmare to the goal keeper and his team.


Anonymous said...

Durai's trial will most likely start after the GE. Charging him is only a wayang show for the GE. Don't be surprised that after the GE, Durai will only get a slap on the wrist instead of the harsh penalty everyone would like to see him get.

Anonymous said...

Also, going by the track record of the opposition, they're not likely to get as much mileage out of the nkf affair as they could. PAP's strategy is to move the agenda away from these so-called national issues to municipal ones like upgrading. And you can bet your last dollar, the compliant media will play a big role in setting the agenda which effectively neutralizes any attempt to shine the spotlight on the nkf affair.

Remember, the penalty kicker has to kick with his eyes blindfolded and the goal keepeer can move the goalposts wherever and whenever he wants. Against such odds, no gambler worth his salt will be willing to wager the penalty kicker can put in any goals no matter what the odds :)

redbean said...

efforts to sideline this issue has already started with the today paper quoting a random survey indicating that people are not interested in the issue.

but chee soonjuan and other opposition parties all wanted to make this an issue.

now a new perspective is that talking about it can be held in contempt of court as the case is waiting for a hearing. it is a bit tricky now.

Anonymous said...

The establishment elite are obviously looking out for one of their own. Nothing strange there. Everyone does that.

redbean said...

it is good that they take care of their own kind. but it will allow the opposition more ammunition to fire.

Anonymous said...

Won't be of much use if all they're firing are blanks :)