ge round 28: a watershed

Kan Seng said this GE is a watershed election as it is again witnessing the passing of the baton to a new pm. Indeed this is a new milestone. But there are many more things that will make this a historical moment. First there is the ballooning of the younger voters coming into the scene and the fading away of the first generation senior citizens. Then there is the internet that changes the way information reaches out to the people. Political views and issues are exchanged and no longer a one way process as in the past. The people talk back. Never have so much money been placed on the table in a GE, eg upgrading and progress package. The total amount probably exceeds $10 billion. For the first time the opposition parties are getting much better quality candidates than in the past. Young professionals are stepping forward to offer themselves as opposition candidates. The ruling party is seeing the changing of the guards and a third generation of leaders taking over the helm. According to Chinese traditional belief the third generation presents a lot of uncertainties. It either marks the beginning to an end or is an end in itself. But given the strength of the PAP, it is likely to see at most a big dent. Lets see how dramatic is this watershed. Would the people give a rousing support to the new PAP team and clean up the opposition? Or will the people's wish for a strong opposition be granted with the opposition taking a couple of GRCs? Either way it will be a watershed indeed.

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