ge round 24: waiting for balaji

It is not a matter of registering or not to register. Singaporeans must not continue to behave like the pavlov's animal. When a bell rings they will behave exactly how they have behaved before. When the govt said register, and all starts running to register without thinking if they need to. Just register for safety. Don't play with the law. And they do not bother to ask whether they need to register. When are Singaporeans going to start to think, to question? I am not trying to be rebellious by not registering. I just want to know if I need to register. The whole blogosphere is asking for a clearer definition of who should register. The govt needs to come forward and make it clear to the people. We have all been talking about transparency, communication, feedback, and this is what is needed now. It is the responsibility of the govt to make the rules clear to the people. They cannot come out with something wishy washy and let the people try to figure out what it means. Every blogger and forumer is waiting for a clarification from Balaji.

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