ge round 22: nkf saga

khaw boon wan is confident that he can defend the nkf saga if the opposition raises it as an issue during the general election.. he said singaporeans are not stupid and know who are the good guys and bad guys and who 'allowed' the all the facts to be exposed, and who saved nkf. when the rally is in full swing, i am sure he will be made to tell the full story of how it started, who brought in durai, who nurtured and supported him, who allowed him to go to the extend unchecked, who praised him and glorified him, and who think he did no wrong. in normal circumstances, after the laying out of facts and all the right things and good things were said, the people can expect to be told to close the case and move on. but in an election, it is not so simple as that.. the people might not be stupid.. the people might be well read.. but the people are people.. and they can choose what they want to believe and who to believe.. they can even choose to believe the sensational.. do i mean that they can believe falsehood? they could.. and they could believe in anything.. a fiery and articulate speaker can change everything. and then they go to vote.. if the people choose to believe white is black or is grey, and they can, the nkf saga can lead to controversial results.. it is easy to turn a bad case into one's favour when one can say, 'it's over, let's move on.' and the critics have no means of reply and could not do anything. in an election rally, the opposition can have their voices and objections heard.. that is a major difference.. so it is not that easy to paint a beautiful picture when both sides can add in their strokes and colours.

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