full time no good, part time good

Part time MPs are good, full time MPs are not good. It is good to have part time MPs. Personally I rather have good people to be full time MPs. Having part time MPs is like saying that the MP's job is not that important to deserve full time attention. The MPs need only be present when he is free, like in the evening or on weekends. Is the MP's job important enough and deserving enough to have a full time MP? The $13k may be small change to some but very big money to others who reckon it is more than enough to serve the people full time. Given an option, a full time MP must be a better option.


Elfred said...

Full time or part time doesn't matter.

A leader is a leader.

Actually look at Dr Sun Yat Sun.

He can't possibly go to every district and spend time with each person.

He's a part time leader in common people and a full time leader in revolution. Why'd I say that?

That's cos he's main archievement is to start a war from nothing and win. :D And he never did govern.

But people loved him as a leader no matter a part time or no-time in governing them.

redbean said...

elfred, if an employee, no matter how outstanding, tells his boss that he will only come in part time, because he is good.

do you think the employer will hire him?

between a full time employee and someone who is going to give you half of his time because he has other full time job, how sincere is that person to the job?

Elfred said...

I don't agree really with how you see it here.

If you are doing part time but you are really a great leader, that's very ok to me.

Point it, are we having leaders? That's the real issue.

redbean said...

why not real leaders? they are all leaders in their organisations.

my reservation is that their main job is more important than being an mp. just like a working mother who claims that she spend quality time with her children.

part time means part time attention and contribution. how sincere is one to serve the people when he can only afford to spend part time on it?

redbean said...

elfred, you can read fortune and know how long a person can live?

Elfred said...

I can't tell fortune, but I trust my own judgement.

Part time is NEVER an issue if the political leader CAN lead. Hehehe...

So what we have a bunch of full time MPs who can't lead and even defend absurdities? Hahahaha...

Look at both sides...

Sigh... Can't have too much hope.