first world govt, first world people

A first world govt must be accompanied by a first world population. It would be strange for a first world govt leading a third world people. What is a first world people? Using the same criteria of qualifications and money, I think many Singaporeans are first world people. Many live in expensive landed properties, driving expensive cars and travelling around the world is a way of life. And many also went to the best universities and have first class honours and earned hundreds or millions of dollars. Indeed Singaporeans belong to the first world and befitted to be ruled by a first world govt. They both come hand in hand. They deserve each other. What about those Singaporeans who don't fit the above descriptions? Don't worry. With a first world govt, these Singaporeans will soon be first world citizens. The nation will stay together and move ahead together. That is what a first world country with a first world govt will eventually be. And the people will also enjoy the lifestyle of a first world country.

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