democracy = people crazy

Thailand has seen the worst of democracy with the dethronement of Thaksin. It is mob rule, peoplecracy, when a small group of activists pushed their way against the people who voted for Thaksin to be their PM. Is this democracy? It is tyranny of a minority. If Thaksin in Singapore, he would have the law on his side. Technically and legally he was within the law. Here is a case where the law may be right. But if the people were against it, the law can be set aside.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Thais are crazy. Why bother about democracy, freedom, individual rights and corrruption?




They should adopt Singaporeans' attitude - enjoy life, eat, sleep, shop...

redbean said...

we and the thais are just the two extremes. one too rowdy and did not know that they are getting a bit too far out of the line.

the other too docile and let people tell them what is good for them.

both equally bad.