crooked bridge and straightens thoughts

The Malaysians have finally come to terms with their arguments for the bridge. They have eventually accepted that it was started based on wrong premises and unsound facts and cannot continue further without causing more harm to themselves and their own people and economy. What is important is the signalling by Badawi that the period of excesses and extravagance of mega projects of Mahathir is finally over. The bridge over trouble water is the last vestige of an era of wasteful policies. The scrapping of the bridge would probably strengthen Badawi's position and mark an end to all the crony companies and their projects to fleece the people and nation of their limited resources. It is good that all the shit on the table is wiped away together with the crooked bridge.


Anonymous said...

The bridge project was a non-starter from the very beginning. I'm glad that for once rationality and cool heads have prevailed over browbeating and chest thumping diplomacy.

redbean said...

ya. it is good for them. otherwise the johoreans and business people will be badly hit.

Anonymous said...

Not so good for us, though. Now we gotta find someone else to sell us the sand.

redbean said...

until today they are still grappling with the dilemma of doing business and sentiments. sand and water are commodities like petroluem, palm oil and rubber. when you sell them, you get paid.

the party who bought it will use it for their own benefits. if they want to sell something, and not happy that the buyer is benefitting from what they sold, then don't sell.

it is a matter of time when singapore will find someone else willing to sell. or technology will be cheaper to pump sand from the sea bed somewhere nearby.

it is like welcoming singaporeans to spend money in malaysia but not happy that singaporeans are having a good time there.

redbean said...

i was reading some of the exchanges in the ypap forum on the crooked bridge issue and the remarks posted were really uncalled for.

for that i can't blame the malaysians for being angry with us and waiting for another opportunity to return us the favour.

and ypap forum is an official site of the ruling party. that makes thing even more uncomfortable.