between disorder and an orderly paradise

Singaporeans will be going to the polls to elect a new govt to rule over them. What are the choices available for to the Singaporeans? And are there good choices or is it between the devil and the deep blue sea? On one corner of the arena is a bunch of third world parties. All have not won a general election. A bit ruffle, don't look so professional, did not have the services of PR agencies to have them to dress and groom to look good, and fighting for anything that appears in the horizon. They do not forsee themselves as the govt for a long time to come as the number of candidates willing to stand, and good candidates, are still very small. So they will contend to check on the ruling party as their main function. On the other corner is a well managed political machine with all the resources to outdo the pretender for political office. They have all the track records of economic achievements and the expertise to manage the country and all the big organisations for profits. And they are unashamingly telling the people that they can expect more goodies, more jobs and security but more rules and restrictions on their freedom of expression. Their thinking is that with economic prosperity, the people do not need or want freedom of speech, human rights or related things which are superficial and superfluous. And from the way the people is behaving, it seems that the ruling party's reading of what the people really want is correct. The people are just so happy with the situation they are in and are contented to be apolitical and apathetic to whoever is running the country. The people will just go to vote on polling day to endorse the spectacular records of the ruling party and vote it to power with a bigger mandate. And this is going to happen on polling day. Actually my earlier above description of between the devil and deep blue sea is errorneous. It is between disorder and an orderly paradise.

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