asean unhappy with india and china

asean is unhappy with india and china for not interfering or putting pressure on myanmar to take the democratic road and allow more freedom and rights to her people. having failed in all attempts, the next logical thing for asean is to do a regime change.. and since asean is so adamant in interfering with myanmar's domestic affair, it should go all the way.. but asean cannot use the wmd formula to invade myanmar.. the formula has been found unworkable and myanmar definitely has no wmd.. unless of course cultivating and selling opium can be considered wmd. maybe asean should seek the advice from george bush or rice.. they would have better and more ingenious solution to the myanmar problem.. but asean must not forget that interfering in other nation's domestic affairs run counter to asean's principle of non interference and could set a precedence for other big powers to interfer in asean state and even do a regime change.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

The best way to help Myanmar, is to stop doing business with the military junta.

ASEAN apparently is incapable of putting its money where its mouth is. Almost every regime in ASEAN does business with the dictators in Myanmar.

So actually there is no "non interference". ASEAN is helping the military junta in Myanmar to opress the people and their democratic institutions - which are practically non existent.