Are we first world?

A summary of the features that we are first world standard. 1. Education standard and facilities 2. Medical services and facilities 3. Country infrastructure. 4. Per capita income 5. Economy and GDP 6. Quality of govt 7. Standard of living 8. Cost of living 9. Litigation to solve personal differences 10. Political system Features that are short of first world standard or even third world standard 1. Politics and political process a. over dominance of one party b. exaggerated uneven playing field c. engaging political opponents 2. Quality of opposition parties 3. 250,000 families struggling and need financial assistance. 4. Political immaturity of the people, apathy etc 5. Sense of fear Features that are out of this world 1. Remuneration of politicians 2. Prices of cars 3. Govt control over people's savings


Anonymous said...

It is crazy and obscene to pay a part-time MP 13K a month.

redbean said...

i am trying very hard to get a part time job that pays me $5k a month.

as for part time MP, the pay is an allowance not because the job is important or demanding. it is likely pegged to the calibre of people doing the part time social service.

any job that is important should not be done part time like a hobby.

Thea said...

You forgot to include how we ranked 140 out of 167 countries in the world press freedom index 2005 (Reporters without borders). Along with North Korea and China ><

also... out Gini coefficient is horiible!!! The Gini coefficient measures income disparity.

redbean said...

haha thea,

if you read the voluminous reports in our local media on the election it is difficult to say that there is no freedom of expression. the reporters and journalists are reporting all the things they see or hear.

cannot blame them for not reporting things that they did not see or hear : )