age of internet and general election

The general election is here. Though we have been talking about the election and election issues the last few weeks, we have not been organised or focussed in our discussion. This is the first election that the power of the internet can be put to full use to benefit all the parties and voters, to act as a communication tool to bridge the gap between what the parties wanted to do for the people and what the people want. In the past, communication tools, speed and method of transmission made it impossible to have a proper two way dialogue between the people and the parties. Today, internet has made this possible in a very convenient and expedient way. Now not only the political parties can tell the people what they stand and how they are going to serve the people. The people can now also reach out to the political parties to tell them what they really want to see and what they want the parties to do for them. We now have blogs and forums and we can either make ourselves useful to everyone or just waste our time talking aimlessly. In the first role, we can help to provide information for the people to make a considered choice on who and why they want to vote for a particular party. And we can help to forward the people's wishes and wants to the parties to consider. For these roles I am assuming that the parties are reading our postings and on our part we could gather objective and reasonable feedbacks for the parties to take note. And it is important that we remain as neutral and sensible facilitators and commentators posting views and information that are meaningful and useful to all concerned.

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