7 May, a new political landscape

On the wee hours of 7 May 06 half of the Singaporeans were soundly asleep. Another half was griped by a state of shock that swept through the island. The youth of Singapore have spoken. And their disillusioned parents have joined forces with them to deliver a crippling blow to the ruling PAP govt. A totally unexpected result was frozen on the tv screen. PAP lost 3 GRCs, East Coast, Aljunied and Ang Mo Kio. Lee Hsien Loong was voted out by a team of young upstarts, all still wet behind their ears, inexperienced and with school text books still left around their tables. Jayakumar, the deputy Prime Minister, lost his stronghold in East Coast. And together with Aljunied, two of the most promising young ministers, George Yeo and Raymond Lim were also sent packing. And all the single ward seats were won by the opposition candidates! It was a crisis beyond imagination and of a scale that shook the whole nation. What now? The worst nightmare had started. It is a bad dream on a Sunday morning. No it can't happen. The election now in its third day is only a formality, a cake walk to another 5 years of PAP rule. Time for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Since you think losing LHL is such a nightmare, then you'd be happy to know that if LHL is not elected, LKY or GCT can always be made PM again.

Alternatively, the PAP government can always appoint their unlected leaders back as Nominated MPs. An NMP can still be appointed PM if he commands the confidence of the majority of Parliament.

And if the PAP still retains their 2/3 majority, you can be sure they will tweak the electoral system further to 'strengthen' our democracy.

redbean said...

then i can sleep in peace.