3rd world vs 1st world politics

In third world politics one can expect certain features and tactics and strategies. For instance party membership is the more the merrier and quality may be compromised. The leadership are those who rose from the ranks and are all fighters in their own right. Some have fought until nothing else to fight about. Taking to the streets, throwing stones and even coup de'tat are quite common in third world politics. It is fortunate that we have laws against unauthorised assembly of more than 4 people or we will have a lot of road demonstrations and stone throwing. And they lack the resources for all the pomps and pageantry. Meet the people sessions will be make shift tables and chairs in the void decks. Funds is always lacking and some may pinch papers, pencils and paper clips from the offices and open themselves to accusation of corruption. Over claiming taxi fares can also happen. And anyone who has the gut and dare to stand for election will be presented as their candidates. In contrast, First world politics is the politics of the rich and powerful and with a lot of resources, especially money. Money is everywhere to do many things. Particularly sueing opponents in the courts of law. Legally, working the system is a standard practice. And there is no chance of being accused of corruption as everything is properly approved. Oppositions thinking of using corruption as a tactic will be disappointed. First world politics operates within the law, knows the law and are able to pay the best legal services money can afford to serve their cause. And with the financial muscle and organisation power, they are able to afford or attract the best qualified candidates to join them. Everyone well groomed and all high achievers. All look so professional, and look so good in the newspapers. First world political parties may accept everyone as party members like third world political parties, but only the best will be chosen to stand for election. First world politics frowns on demonstration to win votes. They work the system to take advantage of the system to win votes. And all done aboveboards. Between First and Third world politics, it is like pitching professional footballers against amateurs.

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