workfare bonus: different views

some pap mps were concerned about the expectation of the bonus by the people. opposition mps were against it as an election gimmick. so don't have workfare bonus! uh huh. there are always different ways of looking at it. understandable for opposition to whack it as another form of pork barrel politics. understandable for mps to raise concerns that people will expect more of it in the future. but whatever, it is the people's money. it is profit from investing the people's money. and there is no better way than to return them to the people, and make the people feel that they are part owner of the nation's wealth. what other nonsensible ways to dispose of the money? pay big fat bonuses to the managers of the nation's reserve? give away to foreign talents like mercenary footballers? splash them to make beautiful parks or landscapes, pay more to political leaders, give the presidency another perk? or what? there are many ways to waste the money. it is sinful to just keep the money and not benefitting the people. it is all how to explain and package it. the best way is to link it as returns from investment and treat every citizen as a shareholder of the nation's reserve. and to return to the shareholders when there is a surplus. have a transparent formula so that people know what to expect. and don't do away with it because mps are very rich and don't need the money. the people, many of them, need every cent that they can lay their hands on. ok, rich mps, please back off.


Anonymous said...

Their formula for distribution are quite milky now. i am quite confused about it. It may lead to unhappiness because of uneven payment. i believe that it is better they don't distribute it. they could use it to reduce our cost of living such as our expensive medical services.
If insist of distribution, all individual citizen from the old folks to the new baby should have a equal share of it. This is really fair. Of cost Citizen only PR out.
For those who don't want it they can opt out, it is just only natural.

Thrasymachus said...

Well, there is also another perspective of looking at it. Which is the timing of workfare bonus.

After elections, the first three years, typically most tough bills were introduced...last two years, sweeteners arrivals. While there is no doubts that economic success should be rechanneled into the pockets of Singaporeans, it is the matter of how, when and with what implications.

It is going to be not coincidence if the budget just after elections will not be as "sweet"...

Just some thoughts

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

it is the people's money and it is best that they return them to the people. how to distribute them and best benefit the people is a job they are paid to do well. we have so many talented people and being paid talented pay. they better come out with something fair and equitable or they shall deserve everything that is being thrown back at them if the people are unhappy with the formula.

redbean said...

hi thrasymachus,

welcome to the blog.

this goody stuff is always a sweetener that will go down well during an election. and your view is a well known open secret. after the election it will be pay back time.

i am sensing a change in the mood of the electorate. they are still falling for the sweet mainly because of a lack of good opposition candidates. i believe the people are not simpletons that cannot think for themselves. they knew exactly what is happening and what they are getting, and what they can expect. they are only waiting for a chance to vote in good people to share political power and make the imbalance less pronounce.

let us hope that the opposition will put up a good fight this time. otherwise the people will still look silly, as if they were little children being appeased by a few lollipops.

redbean said...

hi thrasymachus,

visited your blog several times. you have a lot of good information there.