when will the teachers grow up?

students prevented from entering schools to collect 'o' level results or told to come back later, properly attired, hair dyed black and not in primary colours. these were the actions taken by the educators of our children, who deemed spaghetti straps, short skirts or punkish hair improper or undesirable inside a school compound. many years back in the 60s or 70s, long hair rock stars were not allowed to perform in singapore unless their hair are cropped short, like singaporeans. today this kind of mentality is still with our teachers. better tell choktong and hsienloong cannot wear red shirts while on tv. must wear clean white long sleeve shirts. by the way, the school children have left the schools after sitting for the 'o' level. some could be working or in other schools. they came back only for the result slips. why are these schools still think that they have the right to regiment them? can they let the young have their fun? why must every young one dressed up like old spinsters or monks? come on teachers, relax lah. if they are bad they are bad. otherwise it is just some innocent fun of the adolescence. making them come back in dresses that the teachers found palatable is not going to change anything. i think the teachers need to grow up. with such rigid minds, how can there be creativity?


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think everyone should relac lah.

It's all an illusion... :-)

redbean said...

choktong had said, relac, have fun. let your hair down.

looks like the message did not get down to the teachers.

many things have changed. tattoo was gangster. today tattoo is cool. casual sex was taboo. today cohabitation or one night stand is like going for a drink.

Speedwing said...

Some older Singaporeans still maintain their views on the prim and proper dress codes for all occasions. Those teachers who object to "letting the hair down" mentality must be from the older generation who must also be near retirement age. Well, not long to wait before they are all confined to the gossip sessions at the void decks.

To each his own, live and let live, mind your own business. If the parents of these kids allow these more cool dress codes, these ancient minded teachers should bite their tongues and mind their own business. I pity their children and grandchildren though.

redbean said...

the point is that in singapore all the old teachers are gone. these are new teachers brought up in the internet world. many sent overseas on scholarship. all fairly young and modern except in between the years.

Anonymous said...

after many years in the continuous role being cock of the walk among minors, older teachers can easily develop fanaticism in controlling impressionable children.

i'd heard of teachers insisting that students produce MCs for skipping school despite bringing their parents letters.

It is absurd and downright disrespectful of teachers to reject parents explainations. they behaved like they have absolute responsibility for the students future than their parents.

redbean said...

these are the people who are entrapped in conformity and rigidity. and they are the educators of our future generations.

and the govt could not understand why our students are so square, so street stupid, so gong except scoring As.

now hopefully they know the cause.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Teachers are the new Nazi's.

Schools are the new brain-washing centres.

They're there to program your children to become obedient slaves of the state, and their political and corporate masters.

Oh what fun :-) :-)

redbean said...

the feeling of power can't even escape the nerdy and gentle specie called teachers. they too enjoy that feeling of power over their charge.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You'll be aware that the majority of the adult population are themselves still immature.

Many parents fall into this category. They expect The State to look after their kids, at bargain basement prices, so that the parents are free to pursue their career goals, incur more debt in the purchase of more and more shitty merchandise, so as to create an illusion that they have somehow "made it", thus validating their role as "parents" to the rest of society.

So yeah. fuck it. A cuntry gets the govt they deserve and the govt gives the cuntry the education system the people deserve.

The more fucked-up young adults who come out of the system, the better for the political and corporate masters - for here they have a compliant, obedient and easily led "market" who will swallow any outrageous concept - all of which never serves the individual, but serves the social institution in question.

This is the basics of social engineering: get the young to relinquish their individuality, and you have ultimate control of The State!

Heil Harry!

redbean said...

this is a very strange phenomenon. our people are well read, and well travelled. and your observation is right. maybe too many years of living in a restrictive environment.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Again, stupid DEEP constantly reinenfored, conditioning by the silly chee bye social institutions that demand obedience, duty, neurotic attachment to tradition, subservience to authority... and associated shit... which is ALL LEARNED IN SCHOOL!

I luuurrrrve it....

redbean said...

that is confucianism at its worst.

blind loyalty and subservience to authority. confucianism advocates one to accept one's station in life. the kings are born. heavenly mandate. the workers are also born. that is their station in life. just accept.