wage gap will continue to widen

there is this peculiar practice in singapore that will ensure the wage gap will continue to widen. it is entrenched in the system. the more important or senior a person becomes, he can expect to be appointed to many chairmanship positions or figure head positions and be paid extremely well but without much to do. some of these positions are just honorary, but still pack a huge pay packet. so it is very easy to earn several chairmanship pay and leave the job of running the company to the professionals. what a nice perk! how then can the wage gap gets narrower? it cannot be helped? is it? this is what unequal distribution of wealth is all about. you got more money, people give you more money. and what's wrong with that? why can't these important jobs be really important and the incumbent has to contribute time and effort to justify his huge pay so he can only assume one position and more can be pass around? but then there is a dearth of talent in this nation where the high density of people with high paper qualifications are found to be lack of talent. so only a few rare breed have the talent to receive such easy remunerations. do these positions really need highly qualified people in the first place? but, come to think of it, there is nothing wrong. this is the natural order of things. even a genius will tell you that it is perfectly normal and the correct way to do things.


Matilah_Singapura said...

We are in a mixed economy. We are also incredibly STATIST for a so-called "free market" economy.

The STATIST nature of the state oppresses poorer and disempowered people more than the "better-off's".

Since they are less affected, it is easier for the people of means to move forward in their lives. Many of them work for or in GOVERNMENT PROTECTED MONOPOLIES like medicine, law, banking, and of course GLC's.

So many of them advance very rapidly - it is edicted by govt.

To maintain "national security" the govt imposes "psychological controls" on the masses to maintain law and order, and an added "attractiveness" to the foreign investor.

So yeah. The rich get richer and the poor get shit.

redbean said...

actually the poor cannot complain. $1 billion will be thrown at them. see, the govt is sharing.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

We must not just look into the income but also our work permit, S pass, employment pass and permanent resident policy to up grade our salary as a whole.

Salary matter is Financial control skill to manage a organisation and not political issue. CPIB, CAD, CID and MAS have the right to charge any mistrust. President had the right to audit GOVT accounts.

redbean said...

yes brightalliance, welcome to the blog.

the wage gap is not just the income of singaporeans. it affects everyone here and is contributed by everything that adds to business cost. but the highest portion is right at the top echelon.

can you imagine a single employee is worthy enough to earn a salary equivalent to the profits of thousands of companies that employed 50 to 100 employees each.

this nonsense is started by the americans.