university fees: smu joins the fray

smu does not want to lose out in the race to be the most expensive university in singapore, which means the best education money can buy. the more you pay the better will be the university. smu has raised its fee the second time, each time by 15%. so on the same logic, the quality of its education is up by 30%. nus and ntu have raised by 8%. so in terms of percentage its quality is up by only 8%. so smu is now a better university. so we shall wait to see who will up the stake in the next increment. nus and ntu now have better reasons to up their fees as they can justify by quoting smu. smu is now more expensive than us. so we are charging below market rate. or smu up 30%. we up only 8%. that is a great anomaly. a miscarriage of justice. better up another 22% to make up. anyone dare to say our university fees are expensive? it is not even peanuts. what great universities we are having now. world class, in tuition fees.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Just before I left to come back to Oz, one of the heads at SMU took me to lunch. I was then treated with a tour of the facilities. (I was being head hunted) Although there are some architectural and engineering "cockups" (IMO), the place is a great resource. The new nat library near by is also spectacular. I don't mind seeing my tax dollars spent this way.

That being said, I think it is very cheeky and sneaky for SMU to hike their fees.

BTW, I turned down the gig.

redbean said...

it is good to know that people still value you.

it seems that the edict has been passed that all these universities can do whatever they want especially when money is concerned. and for money to be able to buy quality is a gospel truth that all those who matters fully concurs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly. If they can do anything they like, imagine what they can do to you if you work for them - especially if you openly challenge them or openly and stridently disagree with them, without regard for anyone's feelings - the way I would most likely do. ;-)

... let them get a "valuable" foreigner for the gig.

When I see any relationship - good, bad or disasterous, I always say to myself "they deserve each other". :-))

redbean said...

i think you miss the chance for them to pay you big bucks. just name your price man.

the students or consumers will end up paying for quality lecturers and professors like you. won't that be nice?

Matilah_Singapura said...

No problem. I prefer to have less money than to be a slave to the sg.gov.

Anyway, who says they are the only people who pay "big bucks"? Fuck them. To any sensible person the one who pays the BIGGEST BUX is the MARKET. The more people you help, the richer you will be.

I really despise the tenured and tethered intellectuals who grow in carcinogenic communities in ACADEMIA, mostly funded by their political masters who rule the State.

Come lah, hot shot multiple PhD (Permanent head Damage)... come into the free market, and let's see how far those "book smarts" will take you in The Jungle Of The Street.

Dun pray pray. I have pai kia instincts. ;-)

redbean said...

we are all actors in different planes and fields. just act well and things will go well.

the academia too has a role to play. they helped to collect and organise data and pass it on.

the market shall determine how much each actor shall get. and not how much the actor dictates and others got no choice hut to pay him.

redbean said...

what? nus and ntu going to learn from smu on how to raise tuition fee?

are they kdding? are they saying that a simple thing like this and they messed it up?

how can they deserve the big fat pay they are getting? my hr officers will be able to do a better job than this.