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taro aso: taiwan benefitted from colonisation

taro aso is really an arsehole. he is telling the taiwanese that being colonised by the japanese was a good thing. this is like telling a woman that being rape is a good thing. and what have chen shui bian and the rest of the taiwanese got to say about it? i think they agree. maybe japan should colonise taiwan one more time.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Everyone has an opinion, and an asshole.

What is often not considered are the potential BENEFITS which may have ensued if Taiwan were not conquered by the Nips.

I can't dig these folks who say that "wars are good for progress".

The only thing wars are good for is entertainment.War is the ultimate in lose-lose situations where no one wins, and the costs far outweigh any possible "benefit". I don't even believe that there are "just wars", and actually I don't care. No one wins...

Except the audience, who are treated to grand displays of awesome weaponary, loud explosions and human action and experience which exceeds anything Hollywood can create. :-)

redbean said...

this taro aso is not anyone. he is the japanese foreign minister and what he said would be seen as an official view.

war is never nice except on movies.

Matilah_Singapura said...

So what if he works for a government? Shame on him for saying such shit!

I never said war was nice. I said it is entertaining

Stop quoting me out of context :-)

redbean said...

now now matilah,

you are getting very grouchy. i never say you say war is nice. i say war is not nice.

seriously, war is something that must be avoided. like you said, now i say you said, everyone suffers and whoever profits, profits from other peoples sufferings and tragedies.

now war is not nice.

abao said...

now this is tatamount to saying that empires are good. and to have that coming from a japanese minister shows that Japan has forgotten about history and intends to repeat it...

redbean said...

taro, abe, shintaro and koizumi are one gang or rightist politicians in the same mold as bush and his gang. all very hawkish and thinking of reviving japan's past military glory.

they have promoted visit to yasukuni shrine, signed treaty with the usa to include taiwan as their protectorate, openly siding with taiwan, provoking china, denounced north korea, send japanese troops overseas in violation of their pacifist constitution, and seeking a permanent seat in the united nation security council.

their agenda has been set and they will push for it. if they succeeded, then hostility with the two koreas and china is inevitable.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe it's time to nuke 'em again.

Maybe they'll get the message, and we'll see a little more of that classical "humility" "honour" and "manners" that the Nips are purportedly so proud of.

Hey someone use the Red Phone and call that George... the fella with the launch codes....

redbean said...

call george? he will nuke china instead. or maybe not. china is too big for him to swallow. iran and north korea are his two ideal enemies. can whack them but they cannot whack back.

but actually north korea is a little risky. georgie don't really know what it has. all it needs is to deliver one to la. or if that is too far, tokyo.

but the japs are asking for it. it still does not realise that it is all alone in the eastern front. it has no friends in the whole of east asia. how about that?

Elfred said...


For some reason, cannot comment on this one. :D