tammy nyp video: internet power

a self made video is now the craze in blogosphere around the world. it is even converted in dvd and on sale. one cannot understimate the power of the internet. the news can spread world wide by the push of a few buttons. nothing the media can beat. fox, bbc, cnn or whatever, now have to contend with the power of the blog and internet. you can no longer control the media the way it was. welcome to the brave new world. tammy is world famous. nyp is world famous. these two words are the most hit in the internet search engines. no need to spend a single cent for the publicity. singapore is also well known for this teenage escapee. putting morality aside, tammy is going to be more famous than paris hilton, william hung or annabel chong. maybe tammy should bank on it and launch a career in hollywood. many have taken this route even in hongkong and taiwan. did i hear exclusive film rights being offered?


abao said...

Yes, the power of the internet is great. But we should stop talking about Tammy and the school and not subject her to more embarresment.

Guess Who said...

Now it would be more sensational to do a piece on the sex venture of Singapore grassroots leaders or the MPs.

Tammy's juicy hit shows that her older counterparts could have even more juice. Hasn't Singapore government started bar-top dancing? These are clues that hotter stories exist.

These are the possible headlines:

Singapore's PAP grassroots leader married and enjoys sexual pleasures.

If Clinton would have served under PAP, he would never have feared.

Tammy, the leader of the new generation under the PAP government.

The Fucking Singapore Tales of their Grassroots.

Corruption in clean Singapore: Durai wants big cash, _____ wants sex!

I invite anyone with clues to start the stories.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyoh redbean, forget about the net for a moment lah.

The main reason this has occured is because the poor girl had her phone stolen.

We are all ultimately responsible for the security of our private property.

Think of the million of fucks millions of people are having every day. The point is most of the aren't documented - so it doesn't matter.

Elfred said...


PA is laden with various... elements. If one tries to dig anything, I am sure the grassroots will return your wish.


Millions have their phones stolen as well... :D

I'd be surprised if you said this and it's your daughter's phone which is the subject of this issue. :D

No offence.

Matilah_Singapura said...


that's my point: people have their phones stolen everyday. It's common. So if you have something you don't want made public, don't keep it on your phone :-)

It's a no brainer actually ;-)

You may call me a hard person, but so be it: if any female family member has this kind of misfortune, they'd better not come moaning to me. I'll give them a lecture :-)

We are human. We make stupid mistakes. Deal with it!

Elfred said...

Correct... those girls should have their f+++scenes stored in their blogs... Won't be lost, and will be immediately fsmous and do Singapore proud.

I wonder if these girls have any idols or not... Do they expect their idols such as Stephenie Sun to f+++ around like this?

redbean said...

the adventurous minds of the young.

imagine 100 years back, they will be dumped into the river in a pig's net and drown alive.

the world has indeed changed.

abao said...

for better or worse? only timr will tell...

redbean said...

amy yip, shu qi and who else in hollywood started their career in cat 3 movies. and it can be very rewarding, provided one can live with it. it is a personal choice.

Matilah_Singapura said...

to abao:

The world has changed. For "better" or for "worse" is up to each individual.

My belief is that it ain't what you get or what you have, it is what you DO with what you have or get.

Anyway, have any of you watched the 15+ minutes of this? Or are you all discussing this issue without being exposed to the "reality"? (i.e. how's your "direct experience"?)

Elfred said...



翻版Annabel Chong-s. Hahahahaha... 简直厚颜无耻之‘流行’风范。在下惭愧,没那么开通。

Hi Tammy and supporters... can I also 'play' with you? Hahahahahaha... Don't be shy...

redbean said...


how can you ask such personal question and expect the truth?

there are certain you can say but not do, like shouting 'fuck you.'

there are things that you do but cannot say. and for this, everyone is doing it without saying. eg, stealing, cheating, lying....

hahaha said...

Video all here: