singaporean IQ: an interesting post in soc.cul.spore

Hello there, I am an Indian graduate from the University of Madras. In the next few weeks, I will be traveling to your country Singapore to take up a job as a Chemical Engineer. I hope that I can integrate well into your society. I am a fresh graduate without any working experience, but was surprised to get this job with a handsome pay package. May better than most of you all. I understand through my daily news that young working Singaporeans is less intelligent than their elder. Is that true? Someone told me that you people have very low IQ, and because of this, your government had no choice but to import foreign workers. More than half the population is foreign workers I supposed? Anyway, immediately I was told by my interviewers that I will be classified as a foreign talent. I hope that I can impart some knowledge or teach you while I am there. As you know, Madras University is among a few top universities in the world, and from my judgment, it should be much higher in subject level and competency and more prestigious than any of your universities in tiny Singapore. Although it is not officially stated that I shall be employed as a foreign talent, I wish to be treated as one with due respect base on your lower IQ. above is an article posted in soc.cul.spore. i am truly amazed by the responses to the above articles, presumably by singaporeans. though a couple expressed doubts that the article was from a genuine indian foreign talent, several took him and his comments seriously. now what does that say of singaporean IQs?


abao said...

This shows Singaporeans are gullible and take other people's words very seriously.

On the other hand, if the article is true, then this person must have read his news from some bias source.

Also, if he thinks Singaporeans are so noob, why come to a noob country and belittle himself. LoL.

Anonymous said...

Talent? A talent is one who are intelligent in the mind and good at the heart. What goes around comes around.

redbean said...

my reading is that this guy is a singaporean trying to spite singaporean and singapore's policy on foreign talent.

he could also be someone who wants to laugh at our policy and tell the singaporeans to be angry with the govt and its foreign talent policy.

or it could be really an indian who is enjoying the silliness of the policy and laughing at us. but this is unlikely as someone who is coming here will not want to jeopardise his chances by offending the locals. even if they have such feelings, they will laugh it among themselves and no advertising it.

that's my take on this.

Anonymous said...

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