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s rajaratnam, a founding father gone home

not too long ago we heard the passing away of devan nair. today we witness the passing away of another founding father of our nation. his is a generation of men that changed lives and charted the path of our nation, created history for future generations to read about. and it is good that they have all live to a ripe old age and see the fruit of their labour and conviction. they must all have been pleased for what they had done as young men, freedom fighters and nation builders. rajaratnam is one of the few men whose speeches are worth reading. speeches that are colourful and interesting and meaningful. other than lky, perhaps rajaratnam is the only person that could capture the attention of his audience. i could still have vivid glimpses of his fiery speeches of independence and self rule. we wish him a good journey home.


abao said...

Its sad that one of our founding fathers died.

However, how many Singaporeans truly know about his contributions to Singapore? The Primary and Secondary Texts only showed Singapore's sucess, but not the people behind it.(Even I do not know much about Singapore in the 1960s to 1980s until i read Mr. T's blog on Leaders of Singapore)

I listened to PM Lee's condolence notes on Channel 8 1pm news and this is what i heard: "Our young may not know who Mr Rajaratnam is... ...Mr Rajaratnam will be remenbered by Singaporeans"

Isn't this contradictory? The best proof that Singaporeans do not have much knowledge of the past leaders when even the Prime Minister made a mistake.

Our History textbooks need to be revised, otherwise all these great man will fall into obscurity.

redbean said...

our media is quite good at apple polishing. but our history authors are not very good at legend creating. we need to create some legends to form part of our history. if harry potter can be turned into an icon, why not real history makers.

and since we have so many writers and professors and so much money, maybe they shall engage a few to just write legends of singapore's heroes.

Elfred said...

Sad for what? PM said ''s becos of Mr Raja that Singapore (including ourselves) has become as such...'

We could be ending up joining him soon to keep him company if Singapore goes on becoming as such.

Nothing contradictory...

Those who are young who hack care about Mr Raja now can start to he's gone and remember it.

Our textbook would be no less heavier than a brick if we revise like this when this Singapore luckily stays for another 100 years...

And Reddie... don't forget to record a hero who is shouting now 'Yhewhoo, please relocate me...'.

redbean said...


try something outstanding or silly. yes the latest craze is get yourself on mobile video phone. they might send you away to avoid the grace or disgrace. or hollywood might discover you like william hung.

incidentally rajaratnam is one of the few who is against the money grabbing ideology. have enough but not anyhow grab.

guess who said...

That's why he ends up grabbing heaven's knob instead. It's a 1/(365x90) chances it seems.

May heaven be kind to Rajaratnam.

redbean said...

good man deserves a good rest.

Guess Who said...

Rest well, Rajaratnam. A good rest now is needed for the road ahead. Do say hi to God for us.

redbean said...

let's celebrate his newfound freedom.