the poor indians in singapore

There are many complaints and unhappiness among the Singapore born Indian community. Tamil phrase: "Mattam mana allu" English translation means the old man Lky is a lousy cheapskate fellow. Tamil phrase : "Mavan vanthe methevangalum othevee saye oode mathan avanum oothevee saye mathan" English Translation : The "son" Lhl is a more cheapskate fellow than the father, he also wont help the others much and does not let anyone help the other's much also Tamil phrase : "Lalle velai vangete adimai yakirvanu" English translation: They make use of you do the work for them and make you a slave and pay you very little or play games and don't pay you at all or give useless gimmicks. What is going to be done to help livelihood of the "groups" and societies of Singapore particularly among the Singapore born Indian community ? Where is the action required, where is the help, where is the closure on unresolved problems , where are the results ? Who or which People should be held answerable ? Jason Vincent i have extracted a part of jason vincent's article posted in soc.cul.spore. what jason has posted is that the indian community is feeling very neglected by the govt. he even suggested building 2 shopping centres and several other facilities for the indian community. now this is a problem isn't it?


Matilah_Singapura said...

To be "left alone" is actually a blessing.

redbean said...

that is a blessing when you are self sufficient and able to fend for yourself. not easy when weak and not able and be left alone, like vildebeast.

Speedwing said...

Building something in Singapore that caters strictly for the Indian community?? Totally unacceptable!! The aim of the govt is to make Singaporeans feel as one, not Chinese Singaporeans, Malay Singaporeans or Indian Sinaporeans, but just Singaporeans.

Feeling left out??, hen do something about it through the ballot box.

redbean said...

what this jason guy is demanding is a bit loose. but the important thing is their perception of the govt and how they feel neglected. a govt cannot ignore a wrong perception, real or imaginery. as long as a people feels aggrieved, they have to look into it and change that perception. or else it will cost votes.

as for the poor, all the races have their poor and many chinese families or malay families are also in very bad shape. it is not race specific. a simple ratio will easily tells that the chinese poor forms the largest group.

Matilah_Singapura said...


why then, is their own darn community not helping?

How come must go cow peh to govt??

redbean said...

you should read his full recommendations in soc.cul.spore. he wants the govt to build two huge shopping centres for them and give each businessman something like $50k to $70k each to start a business and many other grand plans.

i copied it is to show that they are complaining and it is going to pose some problems to the govt. when people are unhappy, real or surreal, the govt still has to deal with them.

hey, this is freedom, freedom to cow peh mah. cow peh also kenna sue? cannot right. the poor can only cow peh or else what you want them to do?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sure, I agree with the freedom to cow peh, as I do with all freedom of speech.

Howver, bear in mind, whilst we might have some sort of obligation to respect each other's right to free speech, this in no way supposes that we are required to respect each other or the content of another person's free-speech.

redbean said...

that i agree. one can either respect or ignore. but provided the speech is not done with the intention to cause harm whether to individual or a group.

we can have a lot of free speeches but the racists and religious are not going to take it too kindly. allowing freedom of speech that will ignite the flames of hatred has to be carefully watched.

ah, the danish example. violence is the result. but between mature individuals, the tolerance level may be different. at group level, it can be disastrous.