the politicisation of islam

i have posted on this topic before. today, its relevance and the danger it poses to world peace is even more stark. the world must thank the americans for lighting the fire for a united islamic movement. not that islam was disunited. it is a very huge potent force that connects all the muslims around the world for good or bad. the muslims too have cherished the day of the revival and glory of islam and the islamic world. the recent events in europe and around the world are seeing the rise of islam as a force that will challenge the western domination of power. the usa sees china as the only power to contest for world supremacy. they forgot that they have unleased the most powerful force yet to be seen. it is not war in the conventional sense. the superpowers will not be dragged into a war of mutual assured destruction(mad). it is the continuous confrontation, skirmishes, terrorism, sabotage, and outright civil violence that will disrupt the cities around the world. the rise of islam, the unifying force of islam, is based on hatred. a hatred sowed by the western world. samuelson's clash of civilisation has begun. the west against the muslim world. now that is not going to go away by buying the arab royalties. the arab royalties will be ploughed down along the way. it is the muslim masses against the western masses that will contest this war.


Matilah_Singapura said...

"The Religion Of Peace".

Yeah. Right.

I'm starting my own jihad - against these fundamentalists. These are the fuckers responsible for the state of the world - where we all now have diminished personal freedoms.

Everytime I fly, I pay nearly $300 in taxes for "security".

Michael Zarb said...

This is just not right! Some fundamentalist freaks threaten to disrupt our freedom, our way of living.

This is what the west gets for being so tolerant for some many years! Fine the U.S has not exactly been a fair policeman, but then again the only way to control savages is with force!

I think it is time for our own bloody crusade, a crusade against oppression and against the corruption of our freedom.

redbean said...

hi michael,

welcome to the blog. nice to hear your views. both you and matilah have the same views on these fundamentalists. i agree to some points that force needs to be used to handle them.

but force alone is not enough. the stronger and harsher the west attack them, the greater will be the reaction. what is frightening now is the gelling together of the whole muslim world, fundamentalists and moderates, as a single movement taking on the west. when that happens, it will become a vicious cycle. you cannot afford to terminate every one of them. and when you start to hit at the mothers and children, the hatred and intense feelings will only get stronger.

for the time being, the world will be a more dangerous place to live in. the danish cartoons did not help but aggravated the situation further. and the fundamentalists will keep drawing their support from the moderates by drumming up all the attacks and mocking by the west.

it is no ending.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In this case, force is FUN.

It's gone on too long already - freedom-loving lay people have been bombed, had planes crashed into their offices, have been fucked over by the terrorists (psychologically and physically) and by these lay-people's very own ELECTED governments. In fact, its terrorists on BOTH fronts!

So the average Joe and Jane gets screwed every which way.

Enough is enough.

redbean said...

relac matilah,

have a beer. the stage is set. the grouping of forces is set. the confrontation will come.

ah, wouldn't that be nice : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

I hope Georgie boy blows that Iran off the face of the planet.

In the "early days" post 9/11, I was willing to listen to the terrorists side of the story, and their grievances over US Foreign Policy. Then there was 2 Balis, Madrid, and London, lately in Jordan. Also, terrorist activity thwarted in S'pore.

Presently, radicalised Islam has an issue with, of all people, the Danes, and now with many of the EU cuntries.

No lah. They cannot cite US Foreign Policy... that was just an excuse for these people to perpetrate their evil on us.

I will also say that what govts are doing is useless. A hit and miss deal. Sometimes they catch 'em, other times the terrrorists get thru the net and fuck up the peace-loving population.

I've changed my position. I want these people gone!

redbean said...

catching terrorists is like catching mosquitoes. they will appear when they think you are sleeping. you have that chance, that moment to swipe it. you miss, it disappear to come again.

i will support bush too against radical islam. ok, matilah, lets cheer bush on.

come on georgie boy, do what you can do best.